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Kaged Muscle Bundle 1

Kaged Muscle Bundle 1

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Kaged Muscle Pre-Intra-Post Stack - Pre Kaged / In Kaged / Re Kaged Bundle for Muscle building
Kaged Muscle Pre-Intra-Post Stack

Stack Your Results
Take Your Workouts To the Next Level

How does it work? Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Take 1 scoop of PRE-KAGED pre-workout with 20 oz of water 3045 minutes before training to GET YOU IN THE ZONE

2. Mix 1 scoop of IN-KAGED intra-workout with 20 oz of water and sip during your training sessions to KEEP YOU IN THE ZONE

3. Immediately following your workout, mix 1 scoop of RE-KAGED with 20 oz of water to RECOVER FROM YOUR WORKOUT and be PRIMED for your next GRUELING SESSION.
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